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ASA Initiative is a Financial Non- Governmental Organisation, (FNGO) whose core activities include economic empowerment of women and youth to eliminate unemployment and underemployment through its microfinance project, business training and advisory services to clients for business growth. The organization also engaged in networking to provide for HIV Aids education and prevention.  This takes the form of contribution towards care and counseling in cash and kind and, behavioral change education and; education and other support for HIV/AIDS orphans and vulnerable children. Other social projects include donations towards community improvements, biodivertiture and networking to provide scholarship for needy but brilliant students.

On the grassroots level, the organization is highly involved in the development of micro and small enterprises for employment creation and poverty alleviation.


ASA Initiative believes that social and economic development of the underprivileged should be a share responsibility. The organisation recognizes the tremendous roles played by the Government of Ghana and other development partners and wish to add her contribution to promoting the course of humanity.

ASA Initiative, a Company Limited by Guarantee and a Financial Non Governmental Organization (F-NGO) was registered under the Ghana Companies Code (G – 17052) Act 179 as F-NGO, non profit and non partisan and as humanitarian/voluntary organization. It has also registered with the Department of Social Welfare with registration number D.S.W/3190.  ASA Initiative is a member of Association of Financial Non Governmental Organization (ASSFIN) Ghana, a subsidiary of Ghana Microfinance Institutions Network (GHAMFIN). It is also a member of Ghana Coalition of NGOs in Health.

The target clients include the productive poor/under privileged in the rural, peri-urban and urban centres of the 10 Regions of Ghana.

maOur focus is on micro and small enterprise development.  By providing microfinance, with training and onsite support we deliver very efficient poverty alleviation microfinance services to the poor households within the rural, peri-urban and urban communities within Ghana. Within the said project regions our target is also on youth (vulnerable to HIV/AIDS), People Living With HIV/AIDS, Orphans and Vulnerable Children and the underprivileged.



Targeting Women

ASA Initiative’s activities are in line with the Millennium Development Goal of making financial services more accessible to women. The organization has therefore strategies to making its microfinance services targeting women. At least the annual percentage of women benefiting from the services should be 70%.  Most women are single parents and sole bread winners for the family. The initiative directly works with many women self help groups at the local levels. Women in Ghana are considered as engine of growth in the informal sector.




In Ghana about 90 % of women engaged in commerce and agriculture.



Men as women counter parts are not excluded from the microfinance project. Gender equity is necessary to balance the economic and social issues of the productive poor households.   At ASA Initiative equal opportunity exits for both sex for development and employment creation through the microfinance project as well as all other development projects.







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